Saturday, December 27, 2008

8 Mile

Yep, just hanging out in smelly Detroit getting drunk, hoping not to get knifed tonight. Right now i'm assuming the c-town emergency room is chalk-full of retards who tried too hard at the alumni hockey. Hoping Wade 'the blade' Demarais is one of the many injured. Heading home tomorrow, of course i'll be on a plane instead of watching what i'll assume is the last Vikes game of the year. probably for the best. and then heading to the gophs game new years eve in tempe, i'm hoping to weird out some ASU broads. shouldn't be too difficult. also, i forgot how much labatt blue light rocks. they don't have this shit in AZ. it's money. once again, i'm hoping and fully anticipating putting some pics on here from last weekend, but we'll see how that goes. probably going to pass out in a snowbank tonight, haven't done that in quite some time, should be fun. roger dodger. i'm out.

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