Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Sammy...

Received this in my email the other day, after further review, i'll deem it blogworthy even though he was clearly sober when writing. what a fucking shame.

I can't directly contribute to the blog at this time due to more computer issues at Wiener's house (can you believe he's getting that computer fixed again). But I figured you might want to get the word out that the one and only Matt "Russel" Rust has been named to this year's USA World Junior Team. I think this will have a direct effect on his visit out to AZ as it might land him more puss to crush so he might have to talk to Skippy to get another pallet delivered before Thursday. I know it's short notice but we all know Skippy has the connections to pull it off. And the Gophers will be represented by Hoeffel, Schroeder, and Fairchild. Didn't notice any fighting suzies named to the US roster but that's probably because 1 of 2 reasons, 1. They're gay and America won't be represented by homos. 2. Their roster is made up of mostly dumbass Canadians.

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