Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photographic Evidence

Ok, I finally got a chance to upload pics from the weekend from hell. Simply stunning. Click on the pics to see them full size.

And finally, the world's biggest moose captured on film...

Gotta love those city and County workers

This story reminds me of the time a dedicated, hard working, park shop emloyee almost dumped his mower off the wrong side of the dike. I am sure they used the name Mike Raymond to cover up the fact that it was really skippy who lost control of the machine as Mo town was sucking his balls dry...not to mention what she did to him on his own workbench earlier that day.

CROOKSTON, Minn. - A county worker in Crookston is in trouble after his snowplow ended up at the bottom of a frozen river.
Mike Raymond was working a graveyard shift early Monday cleaning snow from county parking lots. He decided to take his John Deere 544 loader on a side trip to clean off a boat ramp on the frozen Red Lake River.
Raymond says he wanted to make it easier for people who pull fish houses on trailers onto the river. He so happens to have a fish house on the river himself — but tells the Grand Forks Herald that's not why he wanted to clear the area.
Raymond's plans went awry when the $200,000 loader slid down the cement ramp, broke through the ice and sank to the bottom about five feet from the bank. Raymond called 911, and emergency workers helped him out.
It took divers and equipment until noon Monday to get the loader out of the river. Raymond's boss says he will be disciplined.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

8 Mile

Yep, just hanging out in smelly Detroit getting drunk, hoping not to get knifed tonight. Right now i'm assuming the c-town emergency room is chalk-full of retards who tried too hard at the alumni hockey. Hoping Wade 'the blade' Demarais is one of the many injured. Heading home tomorrow, of course i'll be on a plane instead of watching what i'll assume is the last Vikes game of the year. probably for the best. and then heading to the gophs game new years eve in tempe, i'm hoping to weird out some ASU broads. shouldn't be too difficult. also, i forgot how much labatt blue light rocks. they don't have this shit in AZ. it's money. once again, i'm hoping and fully anticipating putting some pics on here from last weekend, but we'll see how that goes. probably going to pass out in a snowbank tonight, haven't done that in quite some time, should be fun. roger dodger. i'm out.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I think I'm finally sobering up to the point where I feel like editing some content on here, but I'm heading out in a little bit to go play some poker, so it'll have to wait. I'll try to throw some pictures from last weekend on here tomorrow before we head out to Michigan for Christmas on Sunday. God have mercy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Beat 14, bitches.



PS: Let's get an update on those USCHO rankings, huh? You can't just freeze time when your teams doing well...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Googel search: C-Town Skipper, and see what it comes up with.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blast from the Past

Digging through some old pictures the other day and came across this beauty. Looks like everyone's favorite village idiot Skippy was getting ready to throw down some buckets at the old CHS gym. I also personally witnessed him throwing down some Coors Originals at The Gym last night. He is already a legend in these parts, had an autograph party this morning outside the VA hospital and the line was wrapped around the block by 5:00am. God he's gorgeous.

Friday, December 12, 2008

friday night update...

For those of you who haven't been inundated with Skippers text messages the last two days, i'll give you a quick recap of the debacle so far. In list form...

1. skip's prescription deodorant doesn't fucking work. softball size pit stains aren't normal no matter what.

2. i drank an estimated 30 drinks yesterday. pretty sure this is low balling it, i'd wager i was closer to 42. and driving home from the wild game was a good idea at the time.

3. speaking of leaving the wild game, i can't say i left on my own terms. let's just say some a-hole asked me if that was my first time drinking and i took exception to it. next thing you know, i'm being removed from the arena for threatening some guys life. the only thing that saved me from going to jail was pointing out to the cops that my lawyer was present and he would deal with them. forget the fact that i was talking about russel and he was busy chanting about the wild's power play sucking.

4. did i mention that skip's pits reak like shit?

5. that's about enough for now, we're heading to the bar in a little bit. if i can figure out how to use a computer later i'll update. skip just mentioned he is planning on crushing some puss tonight, also called it beating up the puss. or vag. he's a real prize right now pounding red bull vodka. should be a good night. oh, and russel spilled his beer on me at the tilted kilt. dick.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Celebration....come on

Yes, the Twins finally made an off season acquisition. As Twins fans, we can now all calm down knowing that Nick "i lick sweaty balls" Punto will be back for two more years with the Twins. It is sure that his .207 batting average is going to help the team out. This guy has the same amount of offensive skills as skippy does on the work bench. Watching Punto play ball is like watching a young Matt Murphy, in net for the VFW Bantam team. Punto's smile in this picture also brings me back to the days of a happy go lucky Bucky H! Let's go Twins.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

Due to popular demand. Ok, just Melsh as far as i know, but he's pretty popular in his own right. Here's the tentative itinerary for the week:

Thursday December 11th
10:07am - Beav, Skippy, and Russel fly in to Phoenix
10:30am - Arrive home
10:45am - Drink beer in backyard, play beer pong
3:45pm - Arrive at Jobing.com Arena and begin tailgating
7:00pm - Wild vs Coyotes

Friday December 12th
Noon - Wake up
1:00pm - Golf
5:30pm - BWW or another bar
7:00pm - Bonfire at home

Saturday December 13th
Noon - Wake up
1:00pm - Golf
3:30pm - Funugyz or another bar
5:00pm - Gophers vs Colorado College
8:00pm - Salty Seniorita's or another bar

Sunday December 14th
8:00am - Wake up
9:00am - Arrive at University of Phoenix Stadium and begin tailgating
2:00pm - Vikings vs Cardinals
2:15pm - Skid asked to leave stadium
5:30pm - The Gym or another bar
8:00pm - Bonfire at home

Monday December 15th
???? - Retards head back to Minnesota

I'll try to update throughout the weekend, but there's no guarantee i'll be able to recognize, let alone use a computer.

By the way, the picture above could represent any and all of us at any point this weekend.
Hey Doc I am sure you are busy destroying your liver but can you give us an itinerary for the upcoming days of debachery and an estimate of how many rubs Skipper will burn through......for those of us who can't go.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Sammy...

Received this in my email the other day, after further review, i'll deem it blogworthy even though he was clearly sober when writing. what a fucking shame.

I can't directly contribute to the blog at this time due to more computer issues at Wiener's house (can you believe he's getting that computer fixed again). But I figured you might want to get the word out that the one and only Matt "Russel" Rust has been named to this year's USA World Junior Team. I think this will have a direct effect on his visit out to AZ as it might land him more puss to crush so he might have to talk to Skippy to get another pallet delivered before Thursday. I know it's short notice but we all know Skippy has the connections to pull it off. And the Gophers will be represented by Hoeffel, Schroeder, and Fairchild. Didn't notice any fighting suzies named to the US roster but that's probably because 1 of 2 reasons, 1. They're gay and America won't be represented by homos. 2. Their roster is made up of mostly dumbass Canadians.

Skipper Golfing Highlights

With the upcoming trip to Phoenix and the "golfing" that is supposed to take place, I thought I would post some highlights of the Skipper hitting the links.

Friday, December 5, 2008

1st Period = Wild Collectively Shitting Their Pants

It was gross. Some stats from the first:

1. Wild outshot something like 14-3
2. Faceoffs seem to be 11-1 in favor of the Nucks
3. Completed passes by the Wild - i'd say 1

I must've missed the press release when the Wild hired Marty Anderson to coach the defense. I won't be surprised if he suits up for the second period to help out the boys, he was an absolute beast back in the day, just ask Monty. Speaking of Monty, has anybody heard from that clown in the last 5 years? i haven't. the only gossip i hear about him is when i make my quarterly visit to court for various charges and run into his old man.

I really shouldn't be talking about court visits with the crew that's coming down this week for the Wild and Vikes games, it's not a matter of if, it's who and for how long. knock on wood.

Finally Friday...

...And no Gophers hockey tonight. Gay. On a positive note, the Wild and Canucks are about to start. And I've got plenty of beer in the fridge. Cory Schneider is in goal for the nucks, always a good sign when Luongo isn't playing. Didn't work so well last time for the Wild when the other backup (can't remember his name, but he's gay) was playing, but i'm thinking the Wild will take their chances with this douche bag.

Sheppard and Kessler duking it out in the first 30 seconds, and Kessler seems to like punching helmets. I'll give this one to Sheppard in a split decision, if he didn't have a helmet on the entire fight he'd have a headache, but he should be fine.

Gonna have to kill some nattys for this one, i'm not afraid to take one for the team. This could lead to more posting, or could lead to more drinking. maybe both.

If nothing else, only 6 days until the biggest assault on my liver in quite some time. If i'm nothing else, i'm prepared for this.

Also, if anybody knows what Beav's story is, please share. Haven't heard from him since he said he mailed out a check for his vikings ticket 3 weeks ago. either the mail is really fucking slow, or beav is a space cadet. or both.

ok, enough typing, it's drinky time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Check 1, Check 2

I've really got nothing. Just wanted to make sure this thing still worked. It does. System check complete. And Skippy is coming to visit next week. I'll make sure to stock up on twinkies and moon pies.