Friday, December 12, 2008

friday night update...

For those of you who haven't been inundated with Skippers text messages the last two days, i'll give you a quick recap of the debacle so far. In list form...

1. skip's prescription deodorant doesn't fucking work. softball size pit stains aren't normal no matter what.

2. i drank an estimated 30 drinks yesterday. pretty sure this is low balling it, i'd wager i was closer to 42. and driving home from the wild game was a good idea at the time.

3. speaking of leaving the wild game, i can't say i left on my own terms. let's just say some a-hole asked me if that was my first time drinking and i took exception to it. next thing you know, i'm being removed from the arena for threatening some guys life. the only thing that saved me from going to jail was pointing out to the cops that my lawyer was present and he would deal with them. forget the fact that i was talking about russel and he was busy chanting about the wild's power play sucking.

4. did i mention that skip's pits reak like shit?

5. that's about enough for now, we're heading to the bar in a little bit. if i can figure out how to use a computer later i'll update. skip just mentioned he is planning on crushing some puss tonight, also called it beating up the puss. or vag. he's a real prize right now pounding red bull vodka. should be a good night. oh, and russel spilled his beer on me at the tilted kilt. dick.

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