Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris Lagasse A.K.A Wade the Blade Demarais


Crookston man gets heckled at Wild game According to reports out of the Xcel Energy Center, fan Chris Lagasse(Crookston, Minn.) received a healthy dose of verbal harassment from a sizablegroup of die-hard Wild fans at a recent game at the St. Paul arena. Reportedly,Lagasse had to ask for security assistance from ushers in the second period ofthe Valentine’s Day game vs. Ottawa when a group of fans heckled the24-year-old graphic designer for tucking in his replica Derek Boogaard jersey. “My wife and I were enjoying the game when out of nowhere this group offans in our section started yelling at me to untuck my jersey,” Lagasse said.“They were merciless. They had half the upper deck chanting, ‘Untuck yourjersey,’ followed by the familiar ‘clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.’”


  1. That's awesome, the first person i thought of when i read that was also the Blade with his maroon gophers jersey tucked in at the final five.

  2. you left out the best part: According to the incident report filed at the arena, ushers were called to Section 210 for fan assistance during the second period. Usher Rob Swoverland was the first on the scene.

    “It was an ugly situation. Mr. Lagasse looked like a complete idiot, and if I wasn’t working at the time, I would have probably taunted him, too."