Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Streaming Live!

I'm kind of kicking myself for not forking over the extra $20 for a better webcam, but I also never thought it could be used for something as sweet as this. Anyways, here it is, you're looking at what I'm looking at...Live! Well, it might be live. That all depends on whether or not I'm on the computer and have the cam hooked up. I feel like a porn star with a live webcam. How long until Skippy asks me to take off my shirt and lick on my man nipples? I can't wait. This should make the live blog of the Twins game tomorrow a little more interesting, as you queers can technically watch the game live right here. I realize the quality is pretty shitty right now, but I'll try it out on the other TV and try different settings on this one and see if i can get something that is worth your time. I won't lie though, I lose motivation quite easily and I hate every one of you, so don't bank on anything. I'll leave this shit rolling throughout the Wild game tonight, and probably through the end of the Coyotes game, so if anyone is on here while I am let me know.

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