Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Is something the matter? Did something drastically change since - oh, I don't know - January 9th, year of our Lord 2009? I don't get it. The posts from most of the C-town bloggers seem to be much more dreary. It's like the tale of two different two-month stretches.

I'm completely lost. If anybody knows what could have possibly changed everybody's level of enthusiasm on Janurary 9, 2009, please let me know.

My energy is up. I seem to be blogging at another level; destined for a successful post-season blogging run. A lot of you, on the other hand, seem beaten up. Embattled. Some would say you guys aren't even going to make it into the big conference blogging tournament, let alone the national rounds of post-season blogging. Still others are saying that you will finish the year ranked behind the bloggers of University of Alaska Anchorage. I'm not even sure they have computers up there!

In summary, I would really like to encourage those who are dragging to pick up the blogging a bit. It's a big deal, this conference blogging tournament, and it's not gonna be the same if you don't blog your way there. So pull your collective heads out of your asses, and start blogging already.


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