Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday NIght in Kato

I am not saying that I totally agree with Don and his I have been known to drink beer and yell at sporting events myself. However, I was in attendance last week at Mankato and it was a was like listening to doc, as he coahced skippy in a Saturday morning session with the BIG E to the P treee. I sat behind and to the right of the Minnesota bench...surrounded by retards. I will be the first to say that the Gophers sucked, their D sucked, Kangas sucked, their whole team sucked. It put me in about as much pain to watch them as Bucky H. was in the first time he contracted the clap from a young Jacob Reese in the shower.

What I think Lucia was referring too, was the inbread Mankato people sitting behind the bench dropping louder F bombs (than any of us ever have at the Final 5), yelling at everyone around them, throwing things at the bench, yelling at the players, and to top it all off, throwing numerous beer bottles on the ice. These people were insane, fucking idiots. I can tell you that captain jackass who works the aisles during the Final 5 would have had these guys booted in about 8 minutes. There were three guys in front of me who looked like it was their first time drinking, from my count, they dropped 5 to 6, 16 oz. bottles all while hugging like faggots and stinking of dirty mankato women's panty froth throughout the game. No lie, these guys stunk....get in the shower buddy. What topped the night off was the three dads from Mankato (i am guessing in their 40's) who got up and repeatedly would bang on the side of the U's bench and yell obscenities at the front of 5-6 yr old kids. I have posted a picture of those two clowns.

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