Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twins Preseason Opener - LIVE

Going to try doing this a little different this year, we'll see how it works and go from there. As for the webcam, couldn't get anything worthwhile on there so i'm scrapping it for now.

Top 1st - Pedroia lined a double to left center off of Perkins, but other than that no problems. Cuddy showed off his arm on a throw to third from RF and he still has a laser.

Bot 1st - I didn't even see who led off, one pitch and done. Casilla followed suit. DERR with a looping double to left center, looked like he got jammed, but he didn't. he's stronger than me. Cuddy follows with a walk. All this off of Wakefield and his knuckler. Kubel up now. And he pops up to 3rd base. gay.

Top 2nd - First mention of Red Sox Nation by the play by play guy. i hate every one of them. Promptly followed by the first K by Perkins. Not sure how to type a backwards K, but if i could i would.

Bot 2nd - Delmon leads off with a single. He's good. Buscher follows with a single, Delmon to 3rd. Nobody out. Red Dog with a bloop single and we're on the board. Delmon almost gave himself a concussion when he "slid" into home head first. Might wanna tell him to dial it down a notch, it's a long season. And a sac fly later from Pridie and it's 2-0. Ok, Casilla is up now, so he clearly didn't bat in the first. I'll assume it was Punto who got out on one pitch. Casilla with a bloop RBI single and it's 3-0. They're fucking unstoppable. Until this little homo gets up. I'm banking on a DP. Check that, Casilla steals 2nd taking the DP out of play. And then little Nicky fouls one off his own head. Don't ask how, but it happened. God he's a fag. Nick Punto 0-2, rest of team 5-7. God i hate him. Ok inning over after a DERR walk and cuddy ground out. I'm gonna give the live stream a go and see what it looks like. stand by...

Ok, we're live again. I couldn't find a good picture, but whatever. The twins are in white and the Sox are wearing blue if you can't decipher that.

Top 3rd - Not sure how, but there's 2 outs and Pedroia is up.

Bot 3rd - Wakefield is out. I could tell he was losing velocity off his fast ball right from the start. Seriously, he couldn't have been throwing more than 70mph. It was only a matter of time.

Typing is boring when I'm not drunk. I'm gonna try to set up the cam a little closer and broadcast the game that way. Again, no promises, this might be the best you're gonna get.

Well, that's it for tonight. I've got nothing but time on my hands tomorrow so we'll see what happens with the blog, but for now, i'm out and so is the live broadcast.


  1. Like you said, it's not the greatest but at least you can tell what's going on. Keep it on.

  2. Simply stunning. You truly have nothing to do with your time. Pure class Doc, pure class. And I know you were sitting there wearing shorts and flip flops, Wild hat on along with a Twins' jersey. Yes, I am extremely jealous, fucker.