Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to C-Town

Hey homos, I'm sick of having to go through a proxy blocker to access hotmail at school to receive Fee's remarkable commentary on former Gopher hockey players, and they haven't blocked bloggerville yet. so this is the solution i came up with. it might suck balls and get used for two hours before everyone forgets about it altogether, but what the hell. i'm not busy. and i tried to get the address to be, but some idiot already took it. what the hell is Casa de Cartown - The products of a lack of sex? no idea. all i know is skippy has no lack of sex. he was busy laying the lumber to some innocent puss on his queen size workbench not more than 3 weeks ago. atta boy.

I'm hoping I can give everyone posting priveleges, otherwise just leave your gay remarks in the comments section.

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