Thursday, November 13, 2008

alaska anchorage is bound to win one of these games

I thought everyone would like to read another rousing edition of the Sioux Hockey Weekend Preview, starring yours truly, who, unlike some gopher enthusiasts in the media, is not on the crack-rock. Anyway, I'll jump right into it. The Sioux will win the first game 2-1 in a shit-show, then come back for the second night to be blown out 11-2, because that's what they do apparently.

That may sound somewhat negative from a fan, but, in the words of Russell, I have been brought down a peg by the early WCHA action. As if that wasn't enough, the lack of criminal activity from the young Canucks on the team is killing my spirits. It's one thing to be bad, it's another to not piss in elevators after a loss. That's just plain unacceptable. I mean, if I lose to Wisconsin after being up 3 going in to the third at home, somebody's minivan is getting stolen and rammed into the side of El Rocco Nightclub. That's just the way shit goes down. I keeps it real like that. Anyway, you have my pessimism and my predictions.

Free Puffy!

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