Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Question

Why the fuck are the Wild wearing white at home tonight? Anybody?

Another couple of questions pertaining to the Wild. And i have to watch it on the Kings feed which is stupid. I wonder how Zidlicky's name is listed in the media guide. I swear every announcer this season other than Terhaar and Greenlay pronounce it Zid-lit-ski or some variance of that. Really annoying. Also, these clowns keep saying Bo-guard. Which is also interesting that he's had about 3 shifts already in the first 15 minutes of the game. And i haven't seen him fight yet this year. I guess when you put on a youth fighting clinic in the offseason you get a reputation around the league. Sort of how Skippy has a reputation that makes cooks shiver when he walks into a buffet. I'm sure that comment will lead to a Hammy story of a young lady shivering in downtown Minneapolis, but I say bring it on.

*UPDATE* I checked around a little bit and solved the Zidlicky query.

Marek Židlický (pronounced [ˈmarɛk ˈʒɪdlɪtskiː]

So there you have it. Not sure how you could confuse that. Fucking foreigners. Did i catch a niner in there?

One more observation, and not to nitpick, but these guys are fucking brutal. Now they're talking about Gaborik's ball region being broken, and they keep saying Gob-o-rick. Homos.

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