Saturday, October 17, 2009

On The Board

Gophers find a way to put points on the scoreboard and a point in the standings to salvage a bit of dignity out of an overall pathetic weekend in GF. Tony Lucia is the most untalented captain I can remember for the Gophs. Nick Leddy looks like Nick Bergan. Aaron Ness looked like Aaron Amiot. Not a very optimistic weekend overall. At least I'm hammered and probably won't remember much of it tomorrow. On a positive note, the Gophs appear to have 2 solid options in goal this year, although I'd be more excited if Russel had another year of eligibility. Speaking of Russel, is reporting that his contract was extended today. Way to go buddy. And one last thing, according to my computer it's 88 degrees out right now. And it's almost 8pm. Suck it.


  1. You're getting really good at those screen shot things. Way to go fella.

  2. 88 degres at 8 pm sounds like torture

  3. I agree that 88 is still a little extreme, but hearing reports of rain and near freezing temps back home prompted that comment. Highs this week are in the mid 80's and prime golf season is just getting started. Hopefully that expanded explanation helps justify the 'suck it' remark.

    As for the screen shots, it's amazing what can be accomplished when a person has seemingly unlimited free time. I need to win the lottery (or god forbid get a job) then that free time could be spent at a bar or golf course.