Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well Color Me Fucked

Not sure what that means either, but your Minnesota Twins are now tied for first place. For the first time this season (not technically, but the first time you would actually say it) the Twins control their own destiny. Win out and they're in the playoffs. Whether that means another Tigers loss tomorrow and an outright division win or a play-in game Tuesday, they're finally in the driver's seat. Two weeks ago I would've bet my right nut that they wouldn't make the postseason, Two days ago I would've done the same. Hell, 8 hours ago, same bet and I'm in. Unreal. Depending on how tonight goes and how hungover I am tomorrow, there may or may not be some live updates on here. Not that anybody gives a rat's ass, but it keeps me busy.

Oh yeah, the Wild lost 2-1 to kick off the Todd Richards era. Didn't watch much of it as I was more into the Tigers-Sox game, but Andrew Brunette got the lone Wild goal. During the time that I did tune in, the Jackets' announcer guy made sure everybody knew that Mason won the Calder trophy last season. He honestly mentioned it at least 5 times that I heard in very limited viewing. Didn't get the Wild feed if you were wondering. Live in the now buddy.

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