Saturday, October 10, 2009

Twins vs Yankees Game 3

You know how they always do the Madden simulation before the Super Bowl and end up picking the winner like 90% of the time? Well they do. So I decided it was on me to do the same for game 3 of this series. The most up to date baseball game I own is Baseball Stars for NES, and I'm thinking this will do the job just fine. As you can see below, things turn out alright for the home team. After a slow start, the Twins rattled off 34 runs in the 5th inning before depleting the Yankees bullpen to the point of surrender. The two hits collected by the Yankees were singles that landed in the stands behind the Twins dugout, yet somehow ruled fair by umpire Phil Cuzzi. Also Nick Punto had an error, that dumb motherfucker. Short of the Yankees plane crashing on the way to Minnesota tonight, I can't think of a better result. Stay tuned for the game 4 simulation.

1 comment:

  1. Typical Punto. I'll assume he was 0-5 with a walk.