Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Not

I had a post ready to roll for the Gophers vs Badgers foosball game, but forgot to actually post it. Now that it's over and the Gophs got beat again, fuck it I'm not even going to put it up. I was pretty confident the Gophs would get a win, didn't think Weber would poopie in the bed and essentially lose the game single handedly. The O line was pathetic late in the game as well and it was a pretty disappointing loss, but honestly nobody can be too surprised at the outcome.

The day is still young with the Twins and Wild on tap. Twins face Greinke in once again the biggest game of the year. Wild have the Jackets for their season opener. Even though I've thrown in the towel on the Twins multiple times this year, it's impossible not to get dragged back in to the possibility of playoff baseball in Minny. If the Twins can pull out a win today, you have to think the Tigers will feel the pressure tonight against the Sox and things could get interesting. Knowing Verlander is available to pitch tomorrow if needed, my mind says anything less than a win today coupled with a Tigers loss ends the season for the Twins. I've said this before and won't make the mistake of giving up on the Twins until somebody's magic number reaches 0, but I'm confident they need a big day on both sides to stay alive. I've also been drinking since the Gophers kickoff and have used the delete key probably 300 times during this post to fix random drunken mistakes. None of this matters, as for the first time this season I get to watch the Twins on FOX on a Saturday afternoon and plan a sweet drunken live blog to mark the occasion. I put in a request to have someone take Greinke to the Vu last night and load him up with shots and strippers, but only time will tell if that actually happened. Game time. The fucking Royals. Fuck.

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