Friday, April 10, 2009

Fuck You Ozzie

I didn't watch the entire game tonight, mainly because I was flipping back and forth between the Wild game, the Blues/Blue Jackets, and later the Ducks/Stars game. I did manage to see the Canadian rip one to left and the Twins pour on 7 runs in one inning against them cock suckers from Chicago. Even my boy Delmon got himself a batting average tonight along with his first two RBI. Granted he did all of that with the infield pulled in, had they been at double play depth it would've no doubt been a tailor made 4-6-3. Regardless, he's on the board and now hitting a whopping .091 which is identical to Casey English at the Clearbrook tourney that one year. Now we all know if bunting was legal in slow pitch he would've been hovering around the .400 mark, but still. R.A. Dickey made his Twins debut and got the win, which in the grand scheme of things is all you really ask for out of your 5th starter. Way to go buddy.

MVP - Joe Crede

Crede hit his first homer as a Twin and I'm assuming nothing feels better than ramming it up the ass of your former team. Figuratively of course, although with that blonde hair AJ looks pretty gay and probably would really appreciate something ramming up his ass. Crede also walked twice and scored two runs so I guess that's pretty good.

Wild Update...

Wild score a season-high 8 goals in their win over Nashville tonight eliminating the A-Rod Jr's and keeping their own slim playoff hopes alive. St. Louis also won tonight securing themselves a bid and relegating the Wild hopes to Anaheim losing their remaining two games. The Ducks are tied right now with Dallas after the 2nd period and if they manage to lose in regulation tonight, they need to find a way to lose to the Coyotes tomorrow night. If the Stars take care of business I'll be heading down to the Renaisance hotel so I can get a room next to the Ducks' block. I figure 30 hookers dripping with STD's should do the trick. If not, we're going to be at the game tomorrow and I'll bring my marbles.
Well the Wild just learned why you don't leave your playoff hopes in the hands of others. The Stars managed two goals in the last 6 minutes against the Ducks, but also gave up another and are heading to OT right now, eliminating the Wild from the playoffs. In the end it's probably better that we'll get to see the Sharks piss throttle the Ducks or the Blues instead of the Wild, but it still sucks ball sack. Fuck it.

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