Thursday, April 9, 2009

Typical Day Game

Once again, I'm too lazy to look up any actual stats, so bear with me. It seems, however, that the Twins just don't give a shit about non-televised day games. Glen Perkins tosses an 8 inning gem only to have the Twins get shutout for the first time of the year. I'd love to give the MVP to Mariners second baseman Jose Lopez, but rules are rules. Actually there are no rules, but it's gonna be a Twins player each game so whatever. He did manage to strike out his first two at bats, then grounded into double plays in his following two at bats, accounting for almost 25% of his team's outs for the game. Awesome. Another candidate would have to be the Seattle manager, whose name is chinese and who looks mexican, not positive on either, but he tried to give the Twins hope in the 9th by bringing in Brandon Morrow and his 40.50 ERA. Unfortunately not even that was enough to put the Twins on the board. Delmon Young continued his perfection at the plate going 0-3 before being lifted for a pinch hitter in the 9th. That brings his average up to .000 and my preseason prediction of him having a big year is looking sillier every time he plays. Whatever, it's Masters weekend so who cares.

MVP - Glen Perkins

Scattered 5 hits through 8 innings and got rewarded with a big steamy pile of dung. I'll assume he'll be out on the golf course smoking a fatty and will have forgotten about this game by the weekend.

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