Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Go Time!

Well it certainly has been one fuck of a month, but things are starting to get back to normal, and along with that I think it's time to fire up this poor excuse of a blog again.

I fully intended to do a live blog of the Twins opener, but I didn't crack a beer until the first pitch and just wasn't feeling it. After watching the game it's probably a good thing because I would've gotten bored and quit typing the minute Derr bounced into that inning/comeback/rally/game - ending double play. After that the only joy I got was watching the Gurrain Train derail and put to rest any remaining hope. Guerrier managed to keep his ERA at 0.00 for the time being, even though he was on the hill for the two 9th inning runs. Ol' Crainwreck wasn't so lucky however, as he saw his ERA shoot up to 13.50 where it should remain for the duration of the season. Here's hoping that was the last time we see either of those mental patients pitch in a meaningful situation this year. I realize that is certainly not the case, but it gives me something to hope for anyways. Fuck.

MVP - Mike Redmond

It seems like every game he gets his ass battered worse than Skippy in prison, and yet he never comes out of a game. He's either really tough or really dumb, neither of which would surprise me. And on top of taking a broken bat to the head last night, he still had the Twins' only extra base hit and scored the only run. That fucker is alright in my book. Well, I don't really have a book, but if I did he'd be on the cover.

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