Friday, May 15, 2009

I have a new hero...

From Down with Goldy:

Anyway, Brenden Harris has been bangin some UofM chick for a while now and when he does, insists that the doors be open so all the girls in her house can hear it (classy if you ask me).

Moving on, he's wanted and has been pressuring her like hell to have a three some with some other chick in the house. Well apparently this all came to a head last weekend (or two), said chick broke down whilst wasted, calling the cops etc etc. Harris now has a restraining order against that entire house. Or so he says.

God I love baseball!

I need another drink.

How this guy doesn't start everyday is beyond me. Punto's a fag. And a Communist. And part of the Taliban. Team America needs to fuck him up, mannequin style.

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