Sunday, May 3, 2009

Note to Ron Gardenhire:

We get it. You like getting your dick sucked. And you wish to continue receiving this treatment from such players as #5 and #8 and apparently a good portion of the bullpen. I guarantee you could find this service elsewhere and at the same time win some ballgames. When the two above mentioned players are battling to keep their batting averages over the Punto Line, yet play every fucking day, something is amiss. Even that homo Brendan Harris is batting like .350 or some shit and yet he sees time once a week. Also, if a professional ballplayer not named Rick Vaughn walks the bases loaded at any point, let alone extra innings, he should no longer have a position on a major league team. Really Sad. Thank God I was golfing during the game and too drunk to figure out how to work the DVR when I got home, because that is fucking pathetic. I hope somebody kicks #8 in the ass when he's blowing you and he bites your dick off so you are no longer tempted to keep playing these "special" members of your team. In closing; you're a horrible manager and nobody likes you. Please leave now. You're making Chili look intelligent at this point and that's extremely embarrasing, not to mention hard to do. Fuck you. Bye.

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