Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seriously, spontaneous combustion doesn't happen to humans, Gardy

Gardy, once again thinks that if a pitcher hits 100 pitches he will blow up, killing thousands. So tell me he pulls Santana after 7 shutout innings...right. So Thursday afternoon, Blackburn throws 82 pitches in 7 shutout innings, pulled for Mijares who surrenders a run. Slowey throws 92 pitches into the 8th, leading 11-2 and gets yanked Friday night. Tonight, Swarzkistan is throwing a gem and again yoink. Let's hire a manager that wears a uniform for chirst's sake.

And if the lineup from tonight deviates (save Kuebel for Boucher), Gardy confirms all accusations that he's a freakin moron. 37 runs in 3 games, Mauer stays in the 2 hole, enough...end of discussion and Punto was traded for a dog. They are having a lottery to see who gets to shoot the dog. I bought 2000 tickets.

Tid bit: Watching baseball tonight. The 1992 Blue Jays might have been the all time league leader in total mullets. Wow.


  1. How about just shooting punto? I'd take the Ween's credit card and buy all the tickets in that lottery! All I can say is at least Blade, "The Fag", didn't post this. Is "blade" A) an imposter trying to steal the nickname from a legend in C-Town? or B) A homo who can't find his own identity and is ashamed of his own opinons? Fuck Blade and kill punto!

  2. I agree. Kubel is a better hitter than Linda Boucher. Hands down.

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  4. First off Fuck you Sammy, I was the original "Blade" (and when I say original I mean that I copied it from Dodgeball, obviously) and when united with Laser (Hams) we created an unstoppable drinking tandem...many people refered to us as BLASER!!!!