Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twins That Suck, Part II

I guess this post really could be called "Twins that suck right now, but have a legitimate chance of having a good season, unlike the bums from Part I", but that's just too long.

Joe Crede better get it together soon or the one off-season move the Twins made could be a huge bust. He has shown glimpses of the power and clutch hitting he was signed for, he just needs to start doing it on a more consistent basis. At least he has been solid in the field. If he doesn't get it turned around soon we could see a lot more of Brian Bouscher playing third and that is a truly scary thought.

Alexi Casilla, you are not a switch hitter, just go up there and hit lefty all the time. You'll still probably suck, but you might make contact. Maybe. Fortunately for Casilla, Matt Tolbert is playing like Patrick Schaumberg in AAA, so it looks like we will be seeing Casilla spitting through the gap in his front teeth like Skid for some time to come. I don't know what else to say, but this guy better get his average up soon so we have the option of putting the Italian Stallion on the bench.

Michael Cuddyer is also off to a slow start and has gained the ire of our own Doc. But to put him in the same category as Punto is just wrong. Due to my extreme laziness, it took long enough to put Part II together that Cuddy has had enough time to put a couple good games together. Hopefully the trend continues and we can avoid a Jason Pridie call-up.

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