Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trade Offers

With Breslow claimed off waivers by the A's I think it is time for the Twins to start shopping the rest of the bullpen around. Here is a package deal I would offer to any team in the league: Crainwreck, Guerrier, and throw in Punto just to get rid of that fucker. Any GM might balk (pun intended) at the high price he is likely going to have to pay for this trio. Little does he know they will come cheap. Bill Smith should offer them up for a bag of chalk and six used bases. Square deal if you ask me. The dome doesn't require much chalk so you could probably get at least half a season out of one bag and the bases give you some bargaining power. Six is too many? Fine, we'll take five.


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  2. I have absolutly no problem with putting Breslow on waivers and losing (getting him the fuck out of here) him, but really he is the 1st to go?