Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gophers vs Syracuse

First comment of the day - Women should not be allowed in broadcast booths unless they are delivering coffee or blowjobs. I'd rather listen to the most retarded guy in the world (think John Madden) do play by play than any woman on earth. Hell, give me a monkey (or Madden).
Wow that's the kind of shit you're used to seeing the Gophers do. First snap of the game goes about 6 feet over the QB's head and it's Gophers ball on the Syracuse 15 yard line. And 19 seconds into the season the Gophs are on the board 7-0. This team is unstoppable. Where's the National Championship game this year? Who's wants to go in on a hotel room? I'm looking for tickets right now, you guys want uppper or lower deck?

Ensuing kickoff returned to the Gophers 15. God do they fucking suck. Is it hockey season yet?

Gophs up 14-10 in the 2nd quarter. Brewster just did his best Chili impersonation by challenging the spot on a 4th and 1 QB sneak. Yeah those are really easy to determine the ball should have been 6 inches further. Nice call. Not really impressed with Weber so far, and if I was Decker I'd be a little worried after being led right into a big hit twice in the first quarter.

Also I'm gonna call Sherrells will score atleast 3 times this season on punt returns.

All in all a pretty boring 2nd half. Gophers with one nice drive to tie the game with a FG and get a big interception in their own endzone in OT to seal it. Weber completed his only pass in OT and whoever is kicking now made his 3rd FG of the game for the win. Awesome. Dominating win over Syracuse. Pretty sure the announcers mentioned 3 times that they have won something like 10 games total in the last 4 years. Big win. Go team.

After watching Ohio State struggle against Navy and Iowa need a blocked FG to beat Northern Iowa, it looks like another special year for the Big Ten. Special like Robby Ringstad special.

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  1. Whose university mascot is just named a color? How fuckin lazy do you have to be? Did the university president ask his 4 year old what to go with on this one? "The Syracuse Orange"?!? WTF.