Friday, September 4, 2009


I guess we all pretty much knew this was coming, but for those of us who were still hanging by a thread that the Twins could somehow sneak into the postseason, the last two games pretty much put an end to that thinking. After the 9th inning blowup Wednesday and losing to the fucking Indians tonight, I'm officially throwing in the towel. Gopher football starts tomorrow which means I've got a lot of Saturday mornings filled with drinking and I can't afford to be wasting whats left of my liver drinking during Twins games. Fuck 'em. All Twins related content will be removed from this website shortly, and will remain that way until next March. This being my final post relating to the Twins for awhile, it seems like a good time to mention that I'm taking up a collection to hire a mercenary to take out Gardenhire. I'm confident that this one move will result in a domino effect of positive events related to the organization (i.e. removal of the word Punto from Twins fans' vocabulary). Oh, and somebody needs to poison Billy Smith. That should just about do it.

I may very well do some live blogging during the Gophers game tomorrow morning, it'll be my first time drinking before 9am in quite some time so it could be interesting. Either way, time to turn the page and root for the next bunch of losers in line.

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