Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Play Two

Well this is pretty much the last stand for the Twinkies. Although I've said that a few times already this season and each time they've failed and are still here today, so what do I know. Regardless, this feels like playoff baseball and you can't beat that. I'd be live blogging both games, but I've gotta leave for a couple hours this morning and won't be around for the end of the first game. Had this meeting scheduled prior to the game being called last night so there's really nothing I can do about it. Pretty gay, but I'll be bringing my laptop and hopefully I'll be able to pick up some wireless outside the building and catch the end of game 1.

So far so good I guess. Blackburn pitched around a leadoff double with 3 ground balls which is a good sign for him. Kubel just hit one off of Porcello's 'buttocks' according to Bert leading off the 2nd and now Cuddy is up. And there's a double play. Nice work dummy. We'll see how things go this morning and I might buckle down for some live blogging tonight, no promises.

Ok, so I'm still here and not only has Cuddyer bounced into a DP, but he just had a liner go off his glove that would've been a sure double play and gotten the Twins out of the inning, instead it's 1-0 tigers and they still have two runners on with one out.

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