Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broken Record

Harris goes 3-5 with a HR two days ago, hasn't started since. Punto follows up his latest 0fer game with another start. Tops it off by failing to get down a sacrifice bunt. Again. This time with two runners on and nobody out while trailing by one in a pretty much must-win game. Second attempt in a row that he failed to get down in a clutch spot. Fucking pathetic. Not to mention his batting average matches Skippy's 2nd grade wrestling weight. And yet take a look at just about any Twins game this year and you'll find his name in the lineup somewhere.

For those of you who got a chance to watch the game today, did ya notice who was catching a bullpen session for about a half hour? Gomez. Yep. Would it make too much sense to put some dick face coach out there? It doesn't take talent to catch a bullpen session. Although one of the last people I'd want to have out there squatting and taking pitches would be the fastest guy on the roster. Go team.


  1. Doc-
    I was wastching the game at work while cussing aloud. One of the guys I work with (who is an avid Twins fan) came out of his office and goes, "what the fuck is Gomez catching bullpen for and without pads"
    Twins...stay fucking awesome

  2. I was secretly hoping he took one in the throat or tore something in his knee just to make Gardy look that much worse. Not that he needs any help by any means.