Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tape Delayed Live Drinking Blog

So I came up with this idea about 4 hours and 10 beers late, but none the less, here we go.

Swimming with the kids(hold the comments fuckers) and 1 & 2 are down and oh what is this? Susan is drinking too, could be an interesting evening folks.

Went to the fair, yes the fair, really fought myself not going up to get tickets for the beer gardens.

3, 4 & 5 went rather quickly...after hitting #4 figured I'd check with Doc and see where he was...slacker was just getting started, but with a reason: Kendra was MIA and wasn't there to fetch him a fresh one...I give that shit another 6 months tops and he'll be camped out upstairs with a mini fridge full of Natty Light, an original nintendo and his cell phone waiting for her to tell him its time for bed.

So the show "The Soup" is one of the funniest fuckin little shows around, making fun of well, pretty much everyone that ends up on TV. It's about as classy as this blog.

So we really enjoy Guy from Diners Drive ins and Dives and there was a chefography of him on tonight and Susan wanted to watch it...6, 7 & 8 were a blurr...

Has any one else sat up and watched Big Brother After Dark? Eerily addictive being infatuated with other peoples' sad when you don't have to work in the morning and can sit up for three hours after midnight to watch people do their hair and smoke.

So Susan decides that she's hungry at 9pm so we order some Chinese...seriously first time I've had Chinese delivered, that's fuckin awesome. After about 40 minutes, Susan has me call as they have not shown up yet...well apparently they have caller ID at Tops No. 1 and I don't understand what the lady said answering the phone, so I asked her to repeat and she said, "He's on his way, ok?" I shit you not and in the worst China Moon accent ever.

9 & 10 went quite smoothly with General Tso. Swear to God, steamed dumplings are one of the best kept secrets of the Chinese world, awesome goodness.

11 & 12 went quite nicely with The Soup and a slightly raunchy PG-13 version of a talk show, Chelsea Lately. Not sure if this is Melsh's Chelsea, but ya know, it's funny shit.

So it erased part of my shit so fuck you.

Some fat, I mean huge like Billy Tyrell looks skinny, comic just ended his set on Showtime with, "Once they go Greek, they don't sit for a week,"...seriously, Billy Bob had a better line in Bad Santa, "You ain't gonna shit right for a week,". That's fuckin hilarious. Speaking of Bad Santa, there is a kid on our team that looks like a teenage Thurman Murman. Shit you not. At least every other day, one of the biggest black dudes I know says, "Jessuz kid, what is it with you and sandwiches?"

Yeah, so talk about me being the out of place football coach. The two new guys were high school studs, one went on to be a multi-record setting quarterback in college and the other was on the St. Louis Rams practice squad last year and will seriously, fuck anything with a split tail. I got recruited to UMC and then asked to walk on at Mayville, yeah I fit in so well. Does anyone else realize that its been 12-13 years since high school? Wow, I'm fuckin old.

Of course its after midnight now and we are watching Big Brother After Dark. We have no fuckin life.

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  1. Recruited by UMC? What as the official music player for pre game? I think evem Robbie Ringstad got recruited, I know only have of his recruitment came from the football squad and the other half from the department of transportation.....he was a hell of a bus patrol.