Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well if no one else wants to take a stab...

Ok, so I only made it to about the middle of the third or so when it was 7-1 Royals and had to pack it in. I now understand what it feels like to be a Nats fan, this shit is fuckin terrible. It seems so long long ago when we described this staff as being as good as the Braves' staffs of the 90's. Fuck me. These fucks have gone 2-8 in the last ten and lost three games in the standings and a ton of fuckin respect. I know that I'm reaching drunkin Doc and Snarley in Fucks on here but fuck you. Trust me, I really had a direction when I started this thing, but a trip to the pisser, a new beer and SportsCenter restarting has redirected me. The pitcher from the Tigers looked like a pussy when Youk charged him. So in those past 10 games, the Twins have gotten 2 fuckin quality starts and one was Carl Fuckin Pavano.

So when did Tony Dungy fall from being a Super Bowl winning coach to being part of Mike Vick's "inner circle"? Wow talk about a fall from grace in the media...if that guy falls that far by tieing himself to Vick imagine what is going to happen to the team...unless its the Vikes. God Fuckin help us.

Anyone else looking forward to the Hangover coming out on DVD/Blue-Ray or HBO?

Happy Anniversary Weens...7 years ago you had your heart attack a couple weeks after the PGA Championship at Hazeltine. Good times.

There is nothing like drinking by yourself at 2:21 a.m. Wow am I cool.

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