Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twins Trade for LHP Ron Mahay

Ok, actually they didn't, but they might. He makes $4 million a year so it's very possible he'll clear waivers and be eligible for an August trade. Now you might be asking yourself, "Who the fuck cares?" and I couldn't agree more, except for one thing. You see, not only is Mahay a left-handed reliever with an ERA of 3.86, he's also a career .214 hitter. Looking at his career batting stats and comparing them to Punto's stats from this year paints quite the picture as you can see below...

.214 AVG
.696 OPS
Averages 1 home run every 28 AB's.
Averages 1 extra base hit every 7 AB's.

.208 AVG
.574 OPS
Averages 1 home run every 221 AB's
Averages 1 extra base hit every 28 AB's.

I'd compare Casilla too, but I'm fairly confident he'll be sent to Rochester at some point today so whats the point. The only question now is can the Cabrera/Mahay duo up the middle turn a double play? I've heard it's tough for a left hander to play second, but Feever never had a problem with it so it can't be too tough.

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