Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harris Injury Update

While it appeared Brendan Harris was headed for the D.L. with an unknown injury, it turns out he just doesn't suck enough cock to make the starting lineup. He pinch hit this afternoon, so there is simply no other way to explain the fact that he hasn't gotten a single start since the Cabrera deal. Now granted since the trade pretty much whoever is plugged in at 2nd has been tearing it up. This is evident by the combined 2-17 (.118 AVG) for Punto and Casilla over that stretch. The two tards have also combined to go hitless in the last 4 games (0-13) and have led the team to a 1-4 record in August. Harris is batting .263 on the year, just shades above Punto (.207) and Casilla (.163). Wait, what? He's hitting over 50 points higher than one and one hundred points better than the other? And he's on the bench seemingly full time now? Go fuck yourself Ronny.

On a positive note, Liriano left the team for "family matters" and might get skipped his next time through the rotation. Although i guess all that really means is a quicker turnaround time for the likes of Glen Perkins. Gross.

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