Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Get 'em Tiger!

Hey guys, whats up! It's your buddy Jeff Heywood here, i'm in prison in Indiana for "allegedly" touching a little boy "inappropriately". i say if he don't say no it aint inappropriate! HAHAHA not to mention i had read somewhere that 12 year old boys were legal. anyways,

Here's a picture from my days as Scout Leader of Troop 442 up in C-town! You might recognize the young whipper snapper I'm handing the trophy to - it's none other than C-town's own Hammy!!! Thats right folks, it's back in '93 and i'm takin some time off from running the Jehova Church up there and it aint baseball season, so what the heck am i supposed to do? well i run into the Hammy family at Piggly Wiggly one night and the ol' lady says to me they need a scout leader. now since little Hammy looked up to me so much, i couldn't turn down the opportunity. long story short, hammy took like 5th or 6th in the bumper bowling event we put on, so you can see him above receiving his participation trophy. nobody really thought that retard was getting a real trophy did they? well shit. he didn't. in closing, happy birthday you old retard. and if you're ever down near Terre Haute stop in (we got them conjugal visits now!)

"Jehovah" Jeff Heywood

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