Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sioux Weekend Preview

Because this is a diverse blogsite, not completely dominated by one college hockey team, I thought I'd do a Sioux weekend preview.
The Fighting Sioux are off this weekend, and as we all know, these are typically the most eventful weekends for the players and fans. This couldn't be more true this season in particular. With aspirations for a WCHA title at a six-year low, expectations for misdeamenors are at an all-time high. I haven't been following too closely this season, but I'm sure there are some Canadian "freshmen" (read: 26 year olds) who have just been itching to get to buck-fifty pitchers at sensations since they rode into town on their family mules. Also, Vandevelde, while talented, is certainly looking to bust out of the shadow of former teammate TJ "not M, not N, but..." Oshie. Look for him to pick up a minor while driving and follow it up by an arrest for public urination outside of Red Pepper at 4am the same night.
While it's tough to predict exactly what will go down, one thing is for sure: There will be a house party, and JPL will be sitting quietly in the corner, drunk as hell, creeping out everyone.
I am a Sioux fan, and I refuse to give up hope at this point in the season. But if they're going to be bad, they can at least entertain us with their off-ice antics.

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